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Personal Branding: Why you should be showing your face on Instagram

  1. […] Showing your face on instagram gives your photography brand an identity. Not only does having a personal brand create recognition, but it builds genuine trust. Being able to see the face and personality behind someone's brand creates a true and real connection, even over the internet. via […]

  2. Kat C says:

    I know this is an older blog post but I just had to comment on it. This is SO true. I truly fall in love with the work of my fellow togs more when I recognize their face and feel like I know things about them. It makes it personal. I NEED to do a better job of this because I know how true it is but I always get a bit nervous. I have followed Molly for years and feel like I *know* her because I’ve watched her stories and been engaged with her content since I started following. Every time I see a story available to watch or a new post I’m excited to see it because of that personal connection she’s shared across her platforms. This has inspired me today to think of ways I can be more engaging with my followers and put myself out there! I have to remember that I am my brand!

  3. Jessica Henry says:

    Love the new rebrand! Clean, sophisticated, and fun!!

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