• A lack of confidence in your own skills when your clients need to feel assured

  • The marketing and privacy questions that keep you from sharing your boudoir work consistently

  • Not having access to a studio that makes your clients feel like they’re getting a safe, luxurious experience

  • Unclear on what the hell to say to a client to get her to feel like a QUEEN in every photo

Boudoir photography is too powerful to be held back by…

and Empower women everywhere (YOURSELF INCLUDED)

Build a booked-out boudoir business

An online course for new and seasoned photographers who want to learn the exact steps I took to build a high-end boudoir photography business where my client list is full of women who are vulnerable, sexy… and changed forever. 

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Molly is incredibly insightful and provided so much helpful information and guidance. She also helped me greatly in getting out of my own head when I had self-doubt, and see all that I do and can offer my clients.
-Kelsey, Boudoir Photographer Mentee

“She helped me get out of my own head.”

SPOILER ALERT → Boudoir photography deserves its own brand.

Boudoir not only allows you to do more of the work you love, but it gives you the freedom to be busy year-round instead of waiting for Christmas card mini-shoots or peak wedding season.

Tell the imposter complex to sit the hell down with a BOLD approach to boudoir. Stop burying the life-altering, scroll-stopping, gorgeous photos of women in between your latest wedding and the Reel you did with your kids. 

I get the ebb and flow of our industry 

Kiss the seasonal work goodbye

Learn how to...

Niche down in boudoir, make the kind of money you’ve always dreamt of making, and inspire more women on their self-love journey.

  • How to get started with a strong brand identity that draws in the right women to your inquiry page
  • The marketing tips it took me 8 years to figure out—and have leveled up my boudoir business better than anything else I tried
  • The profitable pricing and packaging system I use to book out the right clients
  • Practical lighting and editing tips to make even a bedroom boudoir shoot look BADASS
  • The REAL DEAL language and structure I use to help women feel comfortable being vulnerable and confident AF, even when they’re naked
  • My culling and editing post-production process so you can expedite your tasks and stay true to your philosophy—your clients’ bodies 
  • My top shelf client experience to make them feel sexy, empowered, and aligned. 

In the Boudoir Bible Course you’ll learn:

say less, gimme the goods!

When you’re getting started with boudoir, the smallest setbacks can be the biggest mindset blocks. 

In my course, I teach you how to manage the details of where to shoot when you don’t have a studio and how to market your business on social media so that you’re not randomly posting pictures of sexy booty shots in between your newborn shoot and your latest attempt at the trending Reel. 

  • 8 modules with slide decks stocked with practical content
  • 8 coaching videos from yours truly, including demos & tutorials
  • 8 downloadable PDF workbooks
  • 1 bonus course designed to increase your profits after the shoot!
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask all your Boudoir questions AND grow a community of like-minded boudoir photogs who can inspire and empower you

get the course now!

What you get in the
Boudoir Bible course

The Boudoir Bible Bonuses

Hold up, heyyyyy…  there’s MORE!

with The Bad B*tch Bundle

Go big or go home baby!

“If you want someone who is genuine, honest, knowledgeable and just down to earth, Molly is your girl!”

Meghan, Virginia-based photographer

i'm ready to spice it up!

*PLUS a private Facebook Group where you can ask (and I’ll answer!) allll your questions. *

Increase your profit margin without adding in any more time at your end! Yesss, passive income. 

Bonus! Upselling with Albums

Ditch the DMs and create a top-shelf client experience that expedites your process, increase bookings, and builds trust with your clients for a shoot that requires a LOT of vulnerability and confidence. 

Module 08: The Ultimate Client Experience

My culling tips to expedite your process (time is money, babe!), and make sure your editing embraces the fullness of your clients’ bodies and expressions. 

Module 07: Post Production

In boudoir (and life!), every body belongs, and every part of her body belongs. (Including those hip dips, booty dimples, and cellulite.) In this module, you’ll learn how to guide your client in posing with the right tips and connections. 

Module 06: Posing, Communication & Inclusion

For an indoor, skin-showing boudoir, lighting is everything. Learn the exact steps I take to make sure every shoot counts—back-lit, side-lit, and all. 

Module 05: Lighting & Equipment

Fix your money mindset so you can sell packages at a price that’s clear to your audience and aligned with your business structure. Yes, example numbers and collections are provided!

Module 04: Pricing & Packaging 

Why Boudoir deserves its own brand—the secret shift that (literally) changed everything I did in growing a successful boudoir business. Yes, I show you exactly how to use IG and Facebook so it works for you, not against you. 

Module 03: Marketing

How to establish a brand identity that sets you apart from all the other photographers (heyo!) and target your ideal clients so that you own your brand like a boss and serve your people consistently. 

Module 02: Brand Identity 

oh frick yes!

Learn my boudoir philosophy and how my story has been forever changed by the opportunity to empower women on their self-love journey. 

Module 01: My Boudoir Philosophy 

When you purchase the Boudoir Bible, you get immediate access to all 8 modules: 

Saori, Photographer Mentee

“I feel 100% empowered after talking to this gem of a human. She is truly encouraging and gave us amazing advice for our business that we are going to implement IMMEDIATELY.”

Check out the behind-the-camera look of the course content on Teachable.

Want to see what’s under the covers?

  • 8 self-paced lessons
  • 8 training videos
  • 8 pdf workbooks
  • Community support
  • Lifetime access
  • Behind the scenes look at my personal process
  • Bonus content ($197 value!)

The Boudoir Bible course
For only $299
Or 3 payments of $125!

limited availability

  • One-time one-on-one coaching
  • By application
  • In person or video

Individual mentor sessions
starting at $500

Let’s talk pricing

Hair toss, check your nails, feelin’ good as hell?

ok, ok let's do this, I'm ready!

But niching down in boudoir photography is so much more than the typical photo shoot.
It’s your chance to dive into the deep end of women empowerment, embracing our bodies for the beautiful creations they are.

Boudoir is its own brand—and deserves its own investment

I believe in boudoir and the content I’ve created for you so much. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase after going through all the modules, I’ll refund you 100%.

Money Back Guarantee

Jo Reames, Boudoir Photog and Mentee

"Molly’s passion to help others is what truly sets her apart."


I want to give my students the attention they deserve, which is why I will offer this 3 times a year. If you’re tired of working nights and weekends and you know in your gut that boudoir is your calling, sign up today. 

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When can I start taking the course?

Oh hey, star student! As soon as you purchase, you’ll get an email confirmation with all the details. Ready to start growing? You can do that today.

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Will you cover posing?

Yes! Having done this for yearrrs, I know exactly what to say (or not say!) to get the client to feel comfortable on the bed or by the window. 

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What if I’ve only done a few boudoir shoots?

Perfect! This course is designed to help you launch your boudoir business, even if you only have a few shoots in your portfolio!

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Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay $299 up front or 3 payments of $125.

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I’m already a seasoned photographer. Will I learn something new?

Yess, girl! I’m a couples +boudoir photographer, so I know what it’s like to shift my attention from just weddings to couples + boudoir. I got you!

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This isn’t about naked photos.

Women are faced every day with unrealistic beauty standards. As boudoir photographers, we get to help women bare it all and embrace their realness.

When I’m on a boudoir shoot, my goal is to serve women an experience that leaves them more confident and totally in love with their bodies, by showing them their true beauty through the intimate style of photography. 
Rather than creating sexy photos for a partner, my goal is to change the way women look at themselves in the mirror every morning, and embrace understanding, owning, and celebrating their sexy, gorgeous, perfect-as-is body.

that's my kind of shit, let's do the damn thing!

When you serve women with this mission and a clear process, you never have to worry about filling your calendar. 

Niche alllll the way down and step out into your boudoir photo business with authority—and create more radical self-love experiences for the women you serve.

Since then, I’ve honed my craft, built a multiple six-figure business specializing in couples + boudoir…and mentoring AMAZING photographers like you.  Now I’m pulling back the curtain and teaching you all that I’ve learned…so that even more photographers can grow their boudoir business. 

Ten years ago, a colleague asked me to do a boudoir shoot for an anniversary gift. After that, I was hooked.

Hi, I’m Molly, a luxury boudoir photographer for over a decade.

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