Contrary to what we see in the media, we are not all supposed to look the same.

I am a firm believer that every body is a beautiful body and each of us deserves to see that when we look in the mirror. 

As a boudoir photographer for 8+ years, I have seen so many women overcome so much pain relating to their bodies, beauty, and worthiness. I pride myself in giving women an experience leaving them more confident and totally in love with their bodies.

Boudoir isn’t just for brides anticipating their wedding day. Boudoir is also for that post-breakup confidence boost, or for capturing a mother in her new postpartum body. Boudoir is for the woman about to undergo a mastectomy or the woman overcoming an eating disorder. Boudoir is for every woman to celebrate the body she lives in. Raw is real and I am here to photograph everything that makes you the queen that you are.

How much are your boudoir sessions?

My packages start at $600. Please fill out my inquiry form and I can send you a PDF of my offerings!

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I’m single — can I still book a session?

Boudoir is meant to be for YOU! So absolutely you can still book a session without having a significant other.

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Can I keep my photos private? 

Absolutely! Boudoir is an intimate photoshoot and I value your privacy! I only feature clients who have given be written permission to post! I have different privacy levels that you will choose from on my contract.

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I’m older than (or not as thin) as the women featured on your page, can I still book a session?

Yes — I have worked with over 100+ women of all different sizes, shapes, and ages. With my client privacy, unfortunately I can’t showcase everybody’s sessions. But trust me, boudoir is for every BODY.

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I don’t know how to pose myself — will you help with this?

I promise you, you are in good hands. The women featured on this page do not have experience modeling. Through lighting, posing and lens angles, I gotchu babe!

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Where will my boudoir session take place? 

Included in all of my packages is my a private boudoir space located in Royal Oak, Michigan. If you wish to forego that location, most women choose to book a hotel suite, airbnb or use a private residence.

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Do you do body altering / photoshop?

I am all about loving the skin you are in therefore I do not do any major photoshopping, body modifications or heavy retouching. I will only edit out “today’s problems” such as acne, blemishes, bruises, etc.

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Do I do my own hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup is not included in my packages at this time but I do have a referral list for artists I work with often! I always recommend treating yourself and hiring a professional!

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What should I wear?

You will need to bring your own lingerie/outfits to your shoot. I always recommend wearing something that you feel confident and sexy in! Select outfits that suit your personality, body shape, and compliment your tone! If you need help with ideas or suggestions, send me an email! 

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Are albums or prints included in the package?

You will receive the fully edited digital images in an online private gallery with every boudoir package. My YAS QUEEN collection does include a 8x8 album! Albums can be added on to any collection.

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How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend scheduling 2-3 months before you wish to have physical prints/album back. Please tell me your deadline upon inquiring!

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How do I book my session with you?

Fill out my contact form to get started! We will go over my packages, potential dates, and there I can answer any additional questions you have! When you’re ready to book, you’ll pay 50% of your package and sign the contract to secure the date! Don't forget to join my exclusive VIP facebook group too!

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"I used to have an eating disorder and have always struggled with self esteem. I just want to let you know how comfortable you made me feel in the session. But even after leaving, I was thinking “oh that was amazing, but I know I’m never going to be happy with how I look.” I sat down today to do it and I have to say, they’re absolutely gorgeous. You made me look so beautiful and sensual and it means the world to me."

"Boudoir to me means finding a confidence that you never knew existed. I walked into my first boudoir shoot with Molly having no idea what to expect. I felt like I was just going to be awkward, but within seconds I knew this would not be the last one. It is the best gift you can give to yourself."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and for such an awesome experience. You made the whole process so easy and enjoyable, and I seriously had a lot of fun with it. You are an absolute gem, so talented, and I lobe how much your work celebrates all bodies and empowers women. I ordered a book and I can’t wait to give it to my fiancé! Thank you again!"

"You are a magician with the camera my love!!! Thank you for rocking this session and making me feel so good about my bod!! I needed that boost for myself so badly and you really came thru."

"Molly is photographer QUEEN!! I did my first ever boudoir shoot with her and I was so nervous and out of my comfort zone, but she cheered me on and was my #1 fan during the whole thing. My photos turned out amazing! If you’re ever in need of a photographer...she is your girl!"


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 inner goddess?!