Stretch marks, saggy boobs, big butt. Sexy, beautiful, amazing.

You are a fucking goddess, just as you are.

You might be doing this for your spouse-to-be, or maybe it’s a surprise for their 40th birthday. Or maybe? You just want to finally rid yourself of the body shame and toxic narratives that have been placed on women since the literal dawn of time. 

It’s not about naked photos, though it’s 110% fine with me if that’s all you want out of the deal. But come closer…I’ve got a little secret.

Discover a confidence you never knew existed


“’I’ve had two kids, my body and my weight have shifted over the years (like most women in their late 30’s). However, once that door shut and we started chatting, going through my outfits, and talking about the session that was about to start, all of my insecurities went away. I left her studio feeling sexy, confident, and fully charged to take on the rest of the day!”


“This is the second time I’ve done a boudoir shoot with Molly, and it was just as phenomenal the second time. Molly is the ultimate hype woman. She knows how to pose you, how to coax out your confidence, and how to have a damn good time. If you have been thinking about a boudoir shoot, I cannot stress enough that Molly is your girl and makes EVERYBODY look good and everyone feel their spiciest. I am eagerly awaiting my album. I know I’m going to have just as hard of a time picking a favorite photo this time as last time around.”


“I was so nervous for my boudoir shoot, but she immediately made me feel comfortable and confident. She truly is your #1 hype girl! The photos turned out so good, I’m speechless! Molly was great at communicating as well; she was quick to respond to my questions, providing recommendations and details about the shoot and what to expect. I had so much fun during the shoot; I can’t wait to do more sessions with her in the future!” 


"I used to have an eating disorder and have always struggled with self-esteem. I just want to let you know how comfortable you made me feel in the session. But even after leaving, I was thinking, “oh, that was amazing, but I know I’m never going to be happy with how I look.” I sat down today to do it, and I have to say, they’re absolutely gorgeous. You made me look so beautiful and sensual, and it means the world to me."


"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and for such an awesome experience. You made the whole process so easy and enjoyable, and I seriously had a lot of fun with it. You are an absolute gem, so talented, and I love how much your work celebrates all bodies and empowers women. I ordered a book, and I can’t wait to give it to my fiancé! Thank you again!"


or you could experience transformation in just one hour

You could read ten more self-help books and follow all the #bodypositivity folks…

Absolutely! Boudoir is an intimate photoshoot, and I value your privacy! I only feature clients who have given me written permission to post! I have different privacy levels that you will choose from in my questionnaire. 

Can I keep my photos private?

The posing part is my job—I gotchu! The women featured on this page do not have experience modeling. Through lighting, posing and lens angles, you’ll look (and feel) like a total babe!

I don’t know how to pose myself. Will you help with this?

Yes — I have worked with over 100+ women of all different sizes, shapes, and ages. To protect clients’ privacy requests, not all of my sessions are showcased. But trust me, boudoir is for every BODY!

I’m older than (or not as thin) as the women featured on your page. Can I still book a session?

Included in all of my packages is my private boudoir space located in Royal Oak, Michigan. If you wish to forego that location, most women choose to book a hotel suite or Airbnb or use a private residence.

Where will my boudoir session take place?

You will need to bring your own lingerie/outfits to your shoot. I always recommend wearing something that you feel confident and sexy in! Select outfits that suit your personality, body shape, and compliment your tone! If you need help with ideas or suggestions, send me an email! 

What should I wear?

Awesome. Fill out the inquiry form, and I’ll send you more details that answer aaalllll of your questions. I’ve been doing this for 10+ years, boo. I got you.

I have more questions!

got questions? don't worry, we're ready to spill the beans

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