Hello... it's me.

Yes I wrote that in Adele’s voice and no, my voice doesn’t sound anything like hers but a girl can dream, okay?!

If I don't have a camera in my hand, I have a taco. If it's a really good day, I have both simultaneously. Also if you know me prior to showing up on my website today, you're totally rolling your eyes at me right now and I AM HERE FOR IT.

So, besides wanting you to feed me tacos and letting me take your picture, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Bean there, done that, ques closed.

Fun fact: I have a tattoo of "Mt. Pizza" on my leg. (And yes, It's exactly what you're picturing.)

Okay, okay, okay twist my arm, I'll keep talking.

So in the summer of 2013, I quit my full-time job and dove headfirst into the deep end of owning a photography business. It all started with a bucket-list I wrote on a guest receipt at a restaurant. Fast forward, and now I’m here. Living a dream I didn’t know I had and sharing it with you. I'd like to say I'm a dreamer but I think I'd better describe myself as a goal digger. And quite the bit of a pun star ;)

Also, while we're here I'd like to say sorry in advance for all of my hilarious and borderline inappropriate jokes. And by sorry, I really mean you're welcome. 

But seriously--who would’ve thought I’d own a successful wedding photography business, become a photography educator, and co-found a photography workshop--all before I turn 30?!

Traveling + photography are the two things that feed my soul. My photography, and myself as a human, thrive the most when I am in new places. I'm always on the move, packing my bags for some place new, and longing for the next adventure. I love having a career that fills me up every which way. It’s not every lifetime you can sing along with the Dirty Heads saying “a-a-aye, I’m on vacation! Every single day, cause I love my occupation!

check out my bucket list

Bucket List

ride in a hot air balloon

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trek + summit mt. KILIMANJARO

skinny dip in greece

own a vw bus

dance in a sunflower field

visit 9 3/4 in england

find love again

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get a sleeve

do yoga teacher training

attend the olympics

swim in jellyfish lake in palau

go skydiving

swim in all 5 great lakes

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visit all the U.S. national parks

hike to the base of mt. everest

photograph northern lights

visit grunewald forest in Germany

visit all 50 states

be in 4 places at once

let's check some things off together!

have my brother rj marry me

learn how to surf

write a book

read the entire bible

go to the kentucky derby

drive to alaska

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If I’m not shopping at Target, I’m usually amazon priming all the goods! Head on over to my affiliate page to check out some of my all time favorite things! From my favorite camera gear, wedding photography hacks, skin care and more!

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"Molly is the special type of person that makes you feel like an old friend the moment you meet. Being in front of the camera can be an uncomfortable experience but Molly makes it fun."