“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” -Oscar Wilde

Photographer & Educator

serving MICHIGAN and beyond

Yo, I’m Molls. Actually my name is Molly, but my friends call me Molls! And since you’re here, you can too ;)

I’m a visual story-teller, dad-joke maker, reality tv show-watcher, taco-eater, adventure-seeker, champagne-drinker who doesn’t like to take life too seriously. 

Oh and I can freeze time, what’s your super power?

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"The best decision I ever made was hiring you to capture our special day. I had a good ugly cry session last night flipping through our album. You are so damn talented."

jen fox

Whether you’re just starting out and want to know the basics of how to work a camera, or you’re someone who is interested in taking their photography to the next level and making it a living!


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