So you think you're awkward?

Now that's one we haven't heard before 😂 Pretty much 95% of our couples say "we're so awkward" or "we're not photogenic whatsoever."

Let's just start with this...MY TEAM AND I GOTCHU. Our approach is much much more than just being your photographer. We wanna be your friggin' friend already, okay?! 

Seriously... these couples said that ⤍

Imagine and bae out on the town sharing pizza (with ranch) at the place you had your first date. Or you're playing scrabble and making s'mores in your fireplace, or chasing waterfalls like TLC warns us not to do. Whatever speaks to you and your relationship the most; we're gonna do you boo!

"YOU ARE A CONFIDENCE INDUCING WIZARD. I've decided I love you forever and ever."


"For being someone that acts like a deer in headlights when a camera is pointed towards me, Molly genuinely made me feel special and steered us in the right direction to get the best shots!"


"I can’t say enough good things about Molly. I am not one to jump in front of a camera and get my picture taken, but Molly was so easy to be around it felt like she wasn’t even there."


"Molly will literally fly across the country to hike miles up a mountain in freezing rain and risk her life on a cliff for you and STILL come out with beautiful photos."


And then there's us...

We're gonna be your third wheel tagging along for the ride making sure you forget we even have our camera on us. Prepare to dance to 90s hip hop, laugh with me at my own jokes, and have the best freaking date of your life!

From the moment we first meet, I promise you we are in your corner. my team and i will do whatever it takes to make sure you are comfy and relaxed. And trust me when I say we got your back!! Seriously, we're your newest bffs and I'm sure as heck gonna tell you when you've got sh*t in your teeth!

Lemme just say, we're not just here to take your picture, we are here to tell your story. I specialize in couples but I love to walk with people through all stages of life and share their stories too! (Don't worry...if you have lil' ones, we can scratch the 90's hip hop and trade it in for some Disney. Unless your kids like that sort of thing.)

If you're rocking what I'm rolling, pop into my inbox! I seriously cannot wait to meet you.

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