Let's talk money honey.

Photography can be expensive, especially when it comes to weddings. I get it. I'm not here to tell you what percentage to spend on what, but ask yourself what's really important to you and let that determine your budget. If photography is important to you, well, I am beyond thrilled to hear that. 

If any of my pricing isn't what you imagined, don't freak out. 

Maybe we can adjust a few things and make something work! It's not always possible but if my work speaks to you, then it's worth trying!

Basic wedding collections start at $3,850

Out of state/Destination wedding collections $6,500 (travel included)

Elopements start at $2,500

Lifestyle/Portrait sessions start at $500

*Most couples invest around $5,000 for the wedding*


And if you haven't caught on yet to my love for travel, YES I CAN AND WILL TRAVEL.

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