An online course for new and seasoned photographers who want to learn the exact steps I took to build a high-end boudoir photography business where my client list is full of women who are vulnerable, sexy… and changed forever. 

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  • A lack of confidence in your own skills when your clients need to feel assured

  • The marketing and privacy questions that keep you from sharing your boudoir work consistently

  • Not having access to a studio that makes your clients feel like they’re getting a safe, luxurious experience

  • Unclear on what the hell to say to a client to get her to feel like a QUEEN in every photo

Boudoir photography is too powerful to be held back by…

and Empower women everywhere (YOURSELF INCLUDED)

Build a booked-out boudoir business

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britny C., Boudoir bible student

"Molly makes it fun, simplified, easy to understand, and it truly has everything you need to be successful! "

Niche alllll the way down and step out into your boudoir photo business with authority—and create more radical self-love experiences for the women you serve.

Since then, I’ve honed my craft, built a multiple six-figure business specializing in couples + boudoir…and mentoring AMAZING photographers like you.  Now I’m pulling back the curtain and teaching you all that I’ve learned…so that even more photographers can grow their boudoir business. 

Ten years ago, a colleague asked me to do a boudoir shoot for an anniversary gift. After that, I was hooked.

Hi, I’m Molly, a luxury boudoir photographer for over a decade.

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